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This course qualifies as court ordered anger management therapy, but anyone can take it. The class will help you discover alternative ways of dealing with stress and anger. Please see the information below:

“Anger is what makes a clear mind seem clouded.” Kazi Shams The Program: This class is for people who are seeking to better understand themselves and manage their anger. Participants will learn skills to reduce anger episodes, learn to take personal responsibility for their anger, identify anger triggers and warning signs, learn how to reduce anger arousal, learn social skills and coping skills to manage anger. Participants will learn cognitive strategies to assist with anger management while taking an inventory of negative, unwanted consequences of unmanaged anger. Participants will learn skills and gain resources to avoid relapses into maladaptive anger. This class satisfies most court ordered anger management class requirements. The cost of the class includes an anger management handbook with exercises, a written letter to the court system, and a certificate of completion..

   Participation Fee: individual instruction $50 per hour

I also conduct Anger Management assessments for the court system.

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