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It has been and still is so common that women routinely get groped and just let it happen without protest. I don't know one woman that has been spared this kind of behavior from a man, but I admire the brave women who have come forward to acknowledge their personal experience of humiliation and disgust.

I was astounded by realizing that I too had not told a soul about almost having g almost been raped when I was a teenager. Like so many other young girls, I took the blame for the man's behavior and I knew that if I told someone about it that I would be accused of "wanting it" or of putting myself in the "wrong place".

Let me make this very clear. It is never a woman's fault for being sexually accosted without her consent no matter what condition she is in or what circumstances she puts herself in. The responsibility falls squarely on the shoulders of the men who can no longer use lame excuses for their intolerable behavior.

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